New Media & Your Job Hunt

You’ve heard that employers are seeking new media skills from recent graduates (which means you should advertise the skills you have, and find ways to apply them and build on them).

You’ve probably heard how social networking sites, particularly Facebook and MySpace, can trip up your job hunt. (If you haven’t heard, or haven’t paid attention, heed these warnings: mind your privacy settings, and even mind the company you keep.)

But you may not have heard of ways that Facebook can, when used carefully, actually help you reach prospective employers. You can search for current employees of companies that intrigue you, or post your job goals in an update, to get your job hunt on the radar screen of your Facebook “friends.”

You can even link to a visual resume or your profile on the more-professional LinkedIn.But one recent experiment took the job-hunting benefit of Facebook apps even further.

After facing the job hunt as a recent college grad, Willie Franzen decided that he wanted to make life easier for all of those coming after him. With some help from an expert in communications and management, he created OneDayOneJob.Com, a fabulous website highlighting companies that regularly hire for entry level jobs. (They also created, for the not-yet-graduated.)

Last year, Franzen realized that with Facebook’s new advertising application, job hunters could conceivably advertise themselves to target employers, as long as they were focused and professional in their approach. Hear how five college grads took the plunge, and made great strides by taking part in Franzen’s Facebook experiment.

In the end, Franzen points out, no one is going to hire you just from a clever advertisement on Facebook. Such tactics are, however, a chance to get noticed. But at that point, it’s time to log off and make real contact with a real person, and (the hope is) land a real job!