So You Want to be a Professor? Getting THAT Job is Different!

appleThere’s a great piece today in The Chronicle of Higher Education on best job seeking practices if you want a teaching job at a liberal arts college. There are a lot of parallels in Gary DeCoker‘s How to Get a Teaching Job at a Liberal-Arts College and regular job seeking, with some important specifics.

As with any chosen path, learn about the field, be knowledgeable of the issues. The letter of application should NOT be generic, but reflect shared philosophy, why you’re interested in the position, and unlike other cover letters, what interests you about the geographic area. Applying for faculty positions means using a CV, not a resume, and in place of a portfolio of work samples, you’d include teaching evaluations.

There are a lot of other tips, but the article is not without controversy. Comments focused on how the article underplayed the importance of research. But over all, it seems very helpful to understanding the process and your needed preparation.