Washington Post adds New Fall Internships

The Washington Post is seeking interns with strong skills and interest in online journalism.  Prospective interns must be students currently enrolled in a degree program, and, if selected, must submit one of the following on or before the first day of the internship: 1) documentation showing that academic credit is being received (i.e. a copy of the course registration), or 2) a letter from a professor, department head, or academic advisor stating that the internship significantly contributes to the student’s current degree program, or 3) a letter from the school stating that the internship is part of a work-study or independent study program.

The intern will be assigned a mentor to help teach them the skills that will help qualify them for a job in online journalism.
Hours per week:  16 hours maximum, with flexible scheduling.
DEADLINE:  applications must be received by Sept. 18.

For details, log on to AUCareerWeb. You can use the id # 38542 as a keyword search term to take you right to the listing of Post internships!