Get the Interview! Acing the Screening Telephone Interview

Don’t let this happen to you:   you’re walking on the quad when your phone rings.  You answer it– it’s from that non-profit you just sent your resume to.  Just then, your friend runs up and screams a greeting which reaches the caller’s ears.   Your professional image is officially shot, you are embarrassed and stumble through a few questions.   You’ve just had a screening phone interview, and it may well be an opportunity lost.

While phone interviews are usually scheduled, sometimes an employer will cold-call you.  This article from the Washington Post Jobs section provides good tips on managing screening telephone interviews– a tool which employers are using more and more to help them cull through the piles of resumes.     But, before you ever get to the interview, remember to only take an employer’s call if you are in a quiet, safe place– and preferably on a landline!

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