Why Social Media Should Rock Your World

Here’s an article called “Social Media Should Rock Your World,” on how easy and important it is to use social media for job hunting, from the perspective of a recruiter.

The same reasons that it works for job hunting are why it works for building a personal brand for your own content, a new business, a nonprofit, etc: Social-networking/New Media/Web 2.o… Whatever you call it, these are the tools for communicating in this day and age, so it’s time to learn them and get sophisticated about them.

Along those lines, a number of school clubs joined with the School of Communication and Kogod School of Business, in partnership with Ogilvy PR Worldwide, to bring self-starting social media expert, wine entrepreneur, and author Gary Vaynerchuk to campus this past week to pass on just that message (along with the message that the new media reality can let us all do what we love and maybe make a profit). Check out his new book (the first chapter’s on the web!)–and/or go the American Observer to see footage of his presentation.