When You're 1 in 500, What Really Happens to Your Resume?

You’ll be tempted topile of sheets just skim the NY Times article, $13 an Hour? 500 Sign Up, 1 Wins a Job, but read it through. It isn’t just a gee it’s hard to get a job piece. There are some real insights into what really happens in a real place when recruiters are trying to really get through 500 resumes.

For instance, the recruiter didn’t have much time to get through the piles, so she started with the first ones to come in, tossed the obviously overqualified folks, phone screened those who looked good, and stopped when she had enough decent possibilities. Late-comers were just out of luck. 61 of 210 were passed on, and the rest weren’t even considered or loaded into the company’s system for lack of time.

But even after that, an unemployed young woman saw a friend’s status update on Facebook saying that she had applied for this job, and the young woman then went to the website to apply. Even though she wasn’t in that pile of 61, the resume got uploaded into the company’s system. She was invited to interview and impressed them with her suit, consistent answers, and ability to come in for a second interview with just one hour’s notice.

So . . . get your resumes in fast, get them in electronically if you can, don’t expect much if you’re over qualified, and be ready to impress at the interview. The basic advice is still the most important!

Photo by Johann “nojhan” Dréo.