Twenty Tweet-Worthy Facts, Plus Resources and Opportunities for Magazine Lovers

Did you know that the top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs? Or that magazines  “excel at long-form journalism, superb photography, eye-catching design”?

These are among The Twenty Tweetable Truths about Magazines posted by the Magazine Publishers of America to promote their industry.  Despite (or perhaps prompted by) the demise of some well-known titles,  magazines are figuring out ways to position themselves to better parlay their niche content and audiences into deep brand loyalty and new income sources.  But that’s for the publishers to work out, and they’ve been working it (see notes from their Magazine Innovation Summit, held earlier this month).

On the editorial side, current trends suggest there’s a future to be had  in niche-interest  magazines, particularly those that are effectively reaching audiences online.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, and a Junior journalism major, then the American Society of Magazine Editors’ ten-week paid summer internship might be worth exploring. The 44-year-old program charges a $25 application fee, but seems well worth it. The application deadline (including recommendation letter, five samples of published articles, and more)  is December 1, 2009.

More info, application and guidelines are availablle online.

And last but not least, magazine junkies have a great friend in Ed, or, “Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job,” a great site for internship and job postings, resources, tips and more.