DOs and DON’Ts of Job-Seeking when Economy is Doing Not So Great

Searching for a job in a good economy takes time, and in a bad one …yes, you’ve guessed it right, takes even more time! How to do a job search right?  These five Dos and two Don’ts will help — only if you follow them, of course!

Five BIG DOs

DO IMPROVE your job search preparedness:

  • target your resume and customize cover letters
  • always research potential employers
  • learn how to leverage networking through social networking sites
  • prepare a networking plan, including informational interviews
  • craft your elevator speech
  • hone job interviewing skills
  • acquire professional dress, and
  • learn professional etiquette

DO EXPAND your job search strategies:

  • do networking with alumni, faculty, field experts, etc.
  • search job boards and specific company job listings
  • attend job fairs,  and
  • do networking  – have I already mentioned it? With 85% of jobs obtained through networking what’s the proportion of your job search time should be devoted to seeking and establishing useful professional contacts? – Do the math.

DO CONSIDER back up plans, e.g. temporary positions – they may not only help you pay the bills but could also enhance your skill set, professional exposure, and professional network


DO INVEST substantial time in job search efforts:

  • set a DAILY goal of completing several job-search activities
  • keep the log, and
  • try to exceed your goal


DON’T PROCRASTINATE, DON’T PROCRASTINATE, DON’T PROCRASTINATE… Well, I think I’ve made the point. Don’t let bad economic news discourage you from looking for a job. Don’t let bad economic news encourage you to rush into a graduate school program if you haven’t figured out what you would like to do with your graduate degree.

DON’T GIVE UP even if your job search takes longer than you expected. Review and adjust your expectations and your job search.  Don’t focus on unemployment rates –leave them for policy makers. Focus, instead, on employment rates. The sizable majority of graduates do find employment.  As a graduate of a highly esteemed university, you have a very good chance of being among the employed. EMPOWER YOURSELF TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.