What Makes You Special?

When you’re looking for a job or internship, it’s important to be able to identify the things that will make you stand out in an employer’s eyes. But sometimes we’re too darn humble, or, on the flip side, unrealistically confident. Truth is, we often don’t see ourselves as clearly as others do.

The website Checkster enables professionals (and students who see themselves that way!) to get anonymous feedback from up to 25 people, for free (as long as your respondents reply within four days). For a  little extra green, you can customize the service and give folks longer to reply.

It’s a neat trick, indeed. But sometimes the personal approach works best. Think about making dates with past supervisors, professors, or others, and asking them point-blank: what are the things that make me stand out in your eyes? You’ll get your answer, and further cultivate a relationship (something an online survey can’t do), all at the same time!