What Employers Want

In the latest NACE newsletter, the bad news is that hiring of 2010 grads is expected to be down 7% from last year. The good news is that it’s expected to be up in the Northeast by 5.6%. The piece also has links to the most sought-after majors, 5 job hunting strategies, salary snapshots, and using social networking for the job search.

I found this especially helpful in case your passion isn’t in one of the most sought after majors. You’ll most likely have had an internship, because 80% of AU undergrads have had at least one internship. (If you’re part of the 20% without an internship, it’s not too late!) In your cover letters and interviews, be able to address how you have the following skills and be able to give specific examples. If you can’t, think about how you might be able to acquire these skills.

For help with self-confidence, do your research and practice your interview skills. We welcome you to make an appointment at the Career Center, but if we’re still under 30+ inches of snow, try our virtual mock interview with your own web cam. But don’t wear your jammies, at least not from the waist up.