Career Exploration Resources

Looking for some direction on choosing a major or career path? There are so many great resources available to you in the Career Resource Library – here are just a few that are sure to ease your search:

Do What You Are by Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron

Picking a career you love starts with knowing yourself. Do What You Are leads you through the process of analyzing your personality traits then lays out in detail the qualities a job must have for someone with your personality type to be satisfied. What’s great about this book is that it profiles real people with personality types like yours and details their careers and how they function within their roles.  This is a perfect starting point for anyone who just doesn’t know what they want to do!

How to Choose a College Major by Linda Landis Andrews

If you’re really at a loss for what direction to head in, this is a title you should definitely check out. This book is full of great tips and tricks for figuring out your goals and converting them into a major. How to Choose a College Major “helps you discover your skills, talents, and interests, then shows you how to match them with a major you can get excited about – and commit to.”

College Majors Handbook by Neeta P. Fogg, Paul E. Harrington, and Thomas F. Harrington

The book starts out by helping you organize your interests and explaining how they translate into a major or career choice. Once you’ve laid out your interests, the book is organized by major and includes everything from the most specific (plant food science!?) to more popular majors like political science and journalism. It breaks down each major and provides examples of top occupations, what activities to expect on the job, common salaries, and much more. This title is great for those who are having trouble picking a major or those who have already declared but need a little career direction.

Stop by the 5th floor of Butler Pavilion to check out these and over 400 other great titles. If you’d like more details about the Career Resource Library or like to browse our selection online be sure to check out the our website.

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