Home-Grown SOC Women's Group Hosts Award-Winning Activist/Animator

Back in January 2009, eight women, all graduate MFA/MA students in SOC, took the initiative to create a campus group dedicated to advancing the professional growth and technical achievements of women working in all areas of visual media. Since then, they have held networking and professional development events, discussions with local women in the film and visual media industry, and regularly promoted each other’s work. Their  latest venture is hosting animator and “free culture” activist Nina Paley on Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 6 p.m at SOC’s Weschler Theater.

The organization and Wednesday’s event are open to SOC undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, alumni and all supporters of women in film and visual media.  And, while founded by film students, the group looks forward to developing collaborative relationships across discipline in SOC.  If you’re interested, visit them on Facebook, and/or attend Wednesday’s event to learn more about Nina Paley, her work, and navigating “Culture, Creativity, and Distribution.”