Embrace the Grunt Work… It Could Make You Rich

“…Attacking even menial jobs with vigor and using them as stepping stones to something better”  is how mega-rich entrepreneur Ted Leonsis got his start.  In his book “The Business of Happiness,” the Washington Wizards owner explains that he parlayed a lawn-mowing job for an affluent Georgetown alumnus into a letter of recommendation and admission to the prestigious school.   Leonsis states “If you don’t have good connections, good networks, nothing will happen.”  He credits his success to networking and cultivating “influencers.”

Career Center advisors  encourage substantive work for our students,  however we know that sometimes the rent needs to be paid by less-than-glamorous jobs.  So take heart from Mr. Leonsis’ experience.  Read more on the importance of networking and making trivial work meaningful in Washington Post columnist Thomas Heath’s review of Leonsis’  new book.