Using Social Marketing Sites to Find Employers of Choice

As you prepare for your graduation in a few weeks, you’ve toyed around with the idea of using social marketing websites as part of your job search. Our Career Center advisors are always eager to assist you with every step of the process including critiquing your resume/cover letter, discussing salary ranges and preparing for your next interview during one-on-one advising sessions. One point that’s becoming a more frequent topic of advice giving: social media.  As you move forward in your jobs search, be sure to consider creating a professional image on social marketing sites to increase your chance of getting an interview with your ideal employer.  Learn more about how employers use social marketing sites through this link.

Here are some key facts to consider:

  • ***1 in 5 hiring managers conduct social media background checks
  • ***Candidates should use social marketing sites to conduct a people search, basically identify the employees of the companies you’re interested in contacting.  These social media sites may have an email address or other key contact information
  • ***Market your writing and research skills by creating your own blog and keep your materials up to date
  • ***Post your resume on LinkedIn or a portfolio of your best work on YouTube. However, it’s best to keep your YouTube video confidential or with limited access
  • ***Consider subscribing to several job listing sites in addition to AU CareerWeb.  Our Career Center advisors have links to numerous sites through school specific resources