Idealism Meets Pragmatism in the Job Hunt

Now that the 2010 spring semester is coming to a close, we’re throwing a line to seniors who have put off thinking about job hunting, or who may just need a jump-start. We just heard that is publishing hard-copy editions of its great job search handbook, The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers, on sale at Borders et al.  That’s great for them. But the news for you is this:

(1) The guide is still available online, free to read or download, chapter by chapter, or in its entirety, and

(2) It’s a great general guide to the job-search, not just to the nonprofit world.

In addition the Career Center’s own resources, we highly recommend folks check out the following chapters in the Idealist guide, especially:

  • Chapter Two
    Balancing act
    : The psychology of the job search
  • Chapter Three
    Self and career assessment: The foundation of a successful job search and career
  • Chapter Four
    Networking: Is it really all about who you know? Yes.
  • Chapter Eight
    Presenting yourself on paper: Resumes and cover letters
  • Chapter Nine
    Presenting yourself in person: Interviewing and first impressions
  • Chapter Ten
    Closing the deal: Understanding benefits and the art of negotiation
  • Chapter Eleven
    Staying ready: A career search doesn’t end when you get a job

Remember to read around the non-profit lingo, if NGOs aren’t your thing, and apply the advice to your field. It’s not a difficult translation to make, and it could make all the difference as you venture forth and search for your next job (or internship!). Pick and choose among the chapters. Read it on the AU shuttle, the train or Metro, wherever you once read (or still read) your class assignments…it’s time for a new homework assignment!