What Students and Alumni Need to Know About the New Federal Hiring Reforms

Last Tuesday, President Obama put forth a memorandum of reforms  designed to greatly simplify the federal hiring process.  These reforms will have a great impact on AU students, recent graduates and alumni seeking positions in the federal government.  Among the reforms are:

  • Cutting the hiring times for federal positions down to an average of 80 days.
  • Total elimination of essay-style questions, better known as KSA’s, from federal applications.   Resumes and cover letters or “simple, plain language applications” would be submitted.
  • Simplifying the federal hiring process  across the board to encourage more qualified candidates to enter public service

These changes are expected to be in place by November 1. 

Also, the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP), not to be confused with the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) or Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), will undergo a 90-day review and may be on the chopping block.

By significantly cutting down the hiring time for federal jobs and eliminating the often-confusing KSA process, these reforms should benefit new federal job seekers by making such a job search less mysterious and more in line with what we see in the private and nonprofit sectors.