Practice Like You Play: Interview Preparation

For many graduating students, suntans and lazy afternoons have been replaced with job applications and balancing busy interview schedules. In this tough job market – interview preparation is everything. Being comfortable and prepared in your interview can really set you apart from other candidates; and we all know: practice makes perfect! As you prepare for your next interview, take advantage of the many resources the Career Resource Library has to offer:

Sell Yourself in any Interview by Oscar Adler

I really love how Adler breaks down the three types of questions you should be prepared to answer in an interview. His categories include: questions you hate to be asked, standard questions almost every interviewer asks, and questions that mean the interviewer is really interested in you. Adler gives examples in each category and advice on how to answer them well. He also has lots of great advice on how to turn your features into direct benefits for the company and how to adjust your style for individual interviewers. This book is full of great practice activities and advice; you should definitely check it out before your next interview.

101 Smart Questions to Ask on your Interview by Ron Fry

If you’ve ever gotten that panicky feeling at the end of an interview when the employer asks if you have any questions, this is a must read. This book lays out everything you need to ask and gives you advice on when, where, and who to address your questions. Full of great examples, this book will help you ace the end of the interview.

The First Five Minutes: How to Make a Great First Impression in any Business Situation by Mary Mitchell

First impressions are lasting – the way you present yourself in the first five minutes of your interview can make or break your chances. This book has tons of great tips for your greeting, appearance, body language, and even includes a section on electronic etiquette. Mitchell provides techniques for tuning into personality types and making meaningful small talk – everything you’ll need to make your first five minutes your best five minutes.

Be sure to also check out our free interactive Virtual Mock Interview Tool; this tool helps to prepare you for various scenarios, including initial screenings, behavior-based questioning, and panel interviews. Select the type of questions you want to answer and record your responses right through the site. You can complete the interview from your own computer or if you don’t have a camera, book a room at the Career Center and complete it here!