Celebrating (and Learning) Social Media

We just missed Mashable.com‘s self-declared Social Media Day, June 30th, but here’s to keeping the celebration going!

How? Easy. Boost your social media savvy this summer. Maybe you’re on the cutting edge, and only need to keep on plugging. Or maybe you’ve got your Facebook friends, or follow folks on Twitter, and that’s it. That’s a fine start, but likely not enough to get you a job requiring social media skills (or a boost toward other jobs, since so many employers are eager to get new-media-mavens on staff)!

The time is now. Here are some tips:

Browse Mashable.com‘s endless list of How-To Posts, which includes advice on using various social media for the job hunt AND for growing a business or advancing a cause. Then stay on top of other areas of Mashable for the latest word on contact-keeping technology.

For the bare basics about popular platforms and tools, check out this great “In Plain English” animated series, including explanations of social networking, social media, RSS feeds, Twitter searches, Wikis and more (including explanations of Zombies, Presidential Elections, and other random topics, on top of the social media primers).

To get an overview on tools to use, check out Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk (or, for fun, check out Gary’s appearance on MTV’s Hired!)

For great tips on using video online, check out Get Seen by Steve Garfield, and follow him at SteveGarfield.com

Now start browsing, and building on what you already know!