Follow Up but Don't Stalk!

After hours of cover letter writing and making that resume is pristine, you finally submit your information and begin the waiting game. All of a sudden everything that could possibly go wrong starts to run through your head. What if you’re the ideal candidate, but your information got lost in cyber space or wound up in the garbage at the Post Office? The way most students relieve this stress on themselves is to call or email the employer and confirm that they’ve gotten the information. So you call at 11 PM and leave a message. Then you call the next morning at 9 AM because you haven’t heard back yet. Then you post on your Facebook status that this company is awful and as soon as you hit “submit,” you get the email confirming receipt of your application. Oops.
While this seems like a good idea, Eric Weiner, TV Producer, cautions against being overly aggressive in following up on resume submissions. Large companies get tons of emails and don’t have the time to handle applicants who constantly call or email about resume confirmation. As Mr. Weiner says, “Be careful not to be overly aggressive in following up on a resume submission because it can be counterproductive and is generally not acceptable when applying for a paid position.”
As Mr. Weiner cautions against being over aggressive, we at the Career Center advise that you follow-up, but do so strategically. There’s nothing wrong with one phone call or email confirming that your information was received. After an interview (where one of your questions was about the hiring timeline) and immediately sent thank you note, one could call at the end of that timeline to ask where the employer is in the hiring process. However, it’s the pestering and multiple attempts at contacting an internship or employer that can really work against you. Do as the Career Center advises and follow-up, but do so appropriately.
So take a lesson from the professional. Be patient during the waiting game, because if you jump the gun to try to put yourself at ease you might only be kissing your job goodbye instead.
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The preceding blog entry was crafted by Anthony Miller, SPA junior and Internship Programs Assistant.