New on the Market: Career Focus GPS

If you would like to continue your education beyond your undergraduate degree but unsure which graduate program to select, start by asking yourself “Do I know my career focus?” If your answer is “no,” read your friendly advisor’s tips on how to establish a career goal for yourself.  And remember that a goal is a dream with a deadline and a roadmap, or GPS 🙂


FOLLOW  Self-Assessment Road to explore your interests, skills, work values, as well as limiting factors that you need to take into consideration when you establish a career goal (e.g. family commitments, financial issues.etc)

TAKE THE NEAREST EXIT: Park yourself at a safe spot and prepare a list of questions that you will use during the RESEARCH part of your trip. Your questions should reflect what you’ve learned about yourself while travelling along the SELF-ASSESSMENT road.

TURN to Research Road to learn about various career paths:  Conduct Informational interviews with experts, faculty, and alumni (use Linkedin and In-circle and professional associations to identify and contact appropriate people.) Explore various occupations through o*net and the occupational outlook handbook . Read career literature.

 FINALLY, TURN to Decision Highway and start developing an action plan: compare the information you’ve obtained through your research with what you’ve learned about yourself through self-assessments and evaluate whether you have sufficient information to make a decision about what career goal to pursue (if not  — take the nearest exit and go back to the Research road). Determine pros and cons, weigh them and make a decision you will own.  


The end of one road is the beginning of another. Start making travel plans to your next destination: a GRADUATE PROGRAM that will enable you to reach your CAREER GOAL. Our Advising GPS prompts you to get back to the Research road.  Now, you will be researching specific graduate programs to make a decision about which program is the best fit for your career goal.  Visit graduate schools, contact alums. Reflect. Make a decision. Develop your plan of action. STAY ON COURSE!