Career Confusion: Resume/Cover Letter Advising

Think you have to wait for an appointment to get advice on your resume or cover letter? Think again! We have tons of resources you can take advantage of before your appointment with a Career Advisor.

Let’s face it. There are about 12,000 of you (not counting alumni) and around 11 advisors; there are several points each semester where our advisors are incredibly booked. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your coveted appointment slot by having a good draft of your resume or cover letter before your appointment.

Take advantage of all we have to offer outside of appointments to help you build your documents:

Virtual Document Builders

This tool is extremely helpful if you’re building your first resume, you’re still using your resume from high school, or if you’re an international student translating your CV to a U.S. style resume.  Our Virtual Document Builders walk you through each step of formatting a resume or cover letter. There are also samples tailored to different fields or objectives.

*Hint: In the resume builder, once you’ve entered your information, click style resume on the right-hand side of the page for styles from your favorite advisors! Notice the Fletcher, Spaulding, Charles, Parks, Hughes, and Gordon!

AU Career Center Resume/Cover Letter webpages

Have you ever taken a good look through one of these pages? There is a LOT of information on our site! Definitely take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page – chances are your resume or cover letter question has already been answered!

*Hint: The samples listed on the right-hand side of both pages are the same samples we have in our handouts here in the office! Save yourself some time and paper by viewing them via our site.

Peer Advisors

We have six Peer Advisors who are your go-to guides for everything Career Center related. They are trained by our advisors to provide advice on resume and cover letter writing and offer drop-in advising in the Career Center 36 hours a week. View their schedule online and drop by during their office hours for guidance on your documents!

Drop-In advising

Monday through Thursday, our advising teams head out to various locations on campus to answer all of your career related questions. Drop-in hours are a great chance to have your resume or cover letter reviewed by an advisor outside of an appointment. View their schedule and locations on our website. *Hint: For drop in advising, you don’t have to stick to your school. Feel free to drop-in to one of these sessions no matter which advisors are hosting!

Feeling empowered? Well, start writing! Once you have a good draft, schedule an appointment online with one of our advisors for additional one-on-one attention!