Career Confusion: AU CareerWeb

If you’re in a job or internship search you’ve probably heard of AU CareerWeb.

(total aside – but if you haven’t you’ve GOT to check it out.   AU CareerWeb is the Career Center’s best tool for job and internship searching – we have hundreds of opportunities and they’re updated daily! All students and alumni have access so you can just log in, upload your resume and apply right through the system! – end aside)

Anyone who has used AU CareerWeb will tell you what a fantastic resource it is – but it can be a little tricky to navigate. Here, I’m going to get you on the path to becoming a master AU CareerWeb navigator by clearing up some of your most common questions.

The system keeps telling me my username and password are incorrect – but I’m using my AU email?!

Keep calm – this is an easy problem to fix. First, make sure you’re logging in to the correct page; the employer log in looks a lot like the student log in page. Click here for the student log in. Second, make sure you’re using your entire email address including the part. Third, make sure you have the right password. We issue passwords at the begging of each semester – this password is different than you’re my.american log in. Use the forgot password button to get a new one if you can’t remember. If THAT doesn’t work – give us a call (202-885-1804)! Right now we batch load new students into our system – with a manual batch load some ID numbers just don’t make it in to our database. If you call us, we can create an account for you and get you set up in no time!

I’m in  – but when I tried to search for a job and my search came up blank – WHA -!?

Try changing your search criteria.  If you limited by industry, think about searching all industries, and be sure to read through all of the job function options to see if others might fit.  New jobs and internships are added each day, so the results of your search could be different in a matter of hours!

I found a job I am interested in, but it says I am not qualified to apply – WHY!?

Some employers choose to “screen” applicants based on different criteria such as major, graduation date, or GPA.  If you do not meet the qualifications the employer is looking for, you won’t be able to apply.

But I KNOW I’m qualified . . .

Make sure you’ve updated your profile! The profile section allows you to store information on your academic interests and achievements – this is how the system knows whether or not you qualify for a position.

How do I upload my resume and cover letter?

Click on “documents” on the navigation bar at the top of the AU CareerWeb homepage.  Click on “Add New.”  Give the document a unique name.  (Keep in mind that employers can see the titles of your documents so keep them clean!)  Indicate the document type (resume, cover letter, other) and find the file by clicking “Browse.”  Then click “Submit.”  Documents are converted into PDF files, so it might take a couple of minutes before it’s available.

That didn’t work . . .

Make sure the file you’re uploading isn’t more than 1024kb. If you’re copying your unofficial transcript from a website – sometimes you’ll pick up unnecessary graphics which can make the file too large. If you’re having a lot of trouble, just call us (202-885-1804). We can either walk you through the upload or upload the documents on your behalf.

I want to go to this event – but I can’t figure out where to RSVP . . .

Many Career Center hosted events require that you RSVP through AU CareerWeb. Any event that requires an RSVP through CareerWeb will be listed under the “EVENTS” tab. If you don’t know whether it’s a workshop or an information session – check both! If you still can’t find the event – call us (202-885-1804)!

Still have questions? Stop by the Career Center (5th Floor Butler Pavilion) or give us a call. We’ll be able to clear up any questions you have!