Networking with GovLoop

In an earlier post we discussed LinkedIn as a viable networking tool.  For those interested in working in and around government, GovLoop is another great website to make professional connections.

Here are some GovLoop facts:

  • As of today, there are more than 35,000 members representing government agencies at all levels, consulting firms and contractors in the United States and abroad.
  • Much liked LinkedIn, GovLoop is used for professional social networking. No awkward photos or wall posts here.
  • GovLoop is highly interactive. Members respectfully share ideas and opinions through blog posts, discussion forums and groups.

As with any new social networking site, getting started can be intimidating. Below is some advice I’ve paraphrased from my former colleague Josh Joseph to help you become an active GovLoop member:

  • Make a professional profile. Indicate your experience and areas of interest. Include an appropriate photo of yourself.
  • Find fellow members near you. As a student in Washington, DC, you have access to thousands of professionals working in careers related to government. Use the search feature to look for individuals working locally on issues you care about. Ask them to become a “friend.”
  • Become a member of relevant groups. GovLoop offers a search engine and a directory of groups to make it easy to find groups. Consider joining agency- and issue-specific groups and others that pique your interest.
  • Join (and lead) the discussion. Offer your opinions and insight in any of GovLoop’s daily discussions. Create new discussions and encourage others to participate and share their thoughts.

By being active on GovLoop, you will likely make new professional connections, and you might wish to continue networking with these individuals online or in-person. These connections can help you to explore your professional interests and potential career paths. And, if you’re so inclined, add me as a GovLoop friend!