Meet Julia Beyer

Hello! My name is Julia Beyer and I am the new career advisor for the School of Communication and I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself.  In my first couple of weeks, I have enjoyed a warm welcome from the Career Center in addition to the faculty and staff at SOC.

Before AU, I advised graduate students in international affairs at The George Washington University for four years.  In my time there, I helped students and alumni with their career development through advising, programming, and marketing tools such as a monthly newsletter.  I look forward to applying many of the skills I have developed in my previous position to students in the field of communication.

As part of my introduction to the Career Center, I have met with several faculty and staff in SOC and I thought I would share the following ideas with you:

  • Keep your technical skills up to date by taking advantage of the free web-based software training,
  • Maintain flexibility in your field; be prepared to go where the opportunity is, be open to different ways that you can use and apply your degree, and work your way from the bottom up.
  • Target small and medium-sized organizations in addition to the big name organizations. Look for opportunities in the private, public and nonprofit sector
  • Networking is critical through any of the following approaches: identify a mentor in the field to help give you insights and guidance, intern, join a professional association and present on a topic, attend any events that are relevant to your interests and practice meeting new people.
  • Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?  Refer to this resource for college entrepreneurs.

With that, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment this semester. I look forward to working with you in the near future!