Time to think before you jump into law school

As their final semester of college arrives, many seniors are pondering thoughts of law school.   For some, this is more than a “ponder”, it’s a set goal that they have had for many years.  For others, it’s a way to delay jumping into a down economy or simply to avoid facing the “real world”.    Whatever  a student’s motivation, this is the year to stop and think before enrolling in law school.    According to the New York Times article “Is Law School a Losing Game?” , recent law school grads are facing unanticipated rates of un-and-under employment, and are left shouldering tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

So, does this mean don’t go to law school at all?  No, but do know why you are going, what you can reasonably expect upon graduation, and how you will fund it– now and when the loans are due.    Carefully consider where to enroll– this article had a focus on a struggling graduate from a “fourth tier” institution.    If in doubt,  wait it out.   Work a year, or two, then reassess if law school is for you.