Career Confusion: Student Jobs

If those holiday shopping bills are coming back to bite you this semester, maybe it’s time to start looking for a little supplemental income. Whether you’re looking to work for a federal work study award, a part-time job, or you’re in need of full-time employment, AU has lots of resources to assist you with your job hunt. With so many resources, many students don’t know where to start; so, I’m going to attempt to breakdown AU sponsored job resources in this career confusion.
The Student Jobs webpage is THE hub for job sites managed by University offices.

On campus jobs –

On campus jobs are managed by the Human Resources department. If you’re having technical issues with the website – they’re the office to call. The actual positions listed are offered through individual offices on campus. If you want to follow-up on a position you’ve applied for, contact the office offering the position.

The part-time student jobs section of the site has jobs reserved for AU students (graduate and undergraduate). *Hint: You have to create an account in order to apply for a position but you can view the postings without creating an account – just click view job postings.*

If you have a Federal Work Study award, ANY position listed on this site is open to you, regardless of whether or not the position requires the award. If you don’t have Federal Work Study, don’t get frustrated when you click on an opening and it says Work Study required; there are still plenty of offices looking for regular part-time workers so keep looking!

Be sure to also check the full and part-time staff jobs section of the website; these jobs are open to the public but if you are qualified for the position, apply!

Off campus jobs –

If you have a Federal Work Study award, off campus opportunities are listed in the part-time student jobs section. The contact for any off campus Federal Work Study position is the Career Center’s Tasha Daniels.

Student Government manages a job board where members of the community recruit students for paid “odd jobs” such as babysitting and tutoring. This is a great place to go for short-term gigs close to campus that pay pretty well.

The Career Center manages a site called AU CareerWeb; this is where most students go to look for full-time professional positions.  *Hint: There are a number of part-time positions and internships available on the site – so always check here even if you’re not looking for a full-time position!*

Not enough information for you? Browse the school specific resources database on our website for lists of other job resources and industry specific tools.

Before applying, make sure you’ve perfected your resume, cover letter, and practice your interview with the help of a Career Center advisor. As always, if you have any questions, contact the Career Center and we can point you in the right direction!