What are employers looking for in the communications field?

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the 9th annual NYC site visit trip and meet with employers in the journalism, public relations, and film industries.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about what I learned from each site visit, so here’s the culmination of advice broken down into three categories including personality characteristics, trends and skill sets:

Personality Characteristics:

  • Display presence, entrepreneurial attitude and intelligence
  • Embrace change and technology
  • Generate big and new ideas and advocate for these ideas
  • Hit the ground running; be ambitious
  • Be passionate, a  good communicator, and persistent
  • Be the first one in the office and the last one to leave
  • Show initiative and be willing to volunteer for new projects


  • The ability to do a little bit of everything; to be a multimedia expert
  • Be able to demonstrate your multimedia experience through a portfolio of blogs, status updates (Facebook or Twitter) and discussions on networking sites (LinkedIn)
  • Having the confidence to discuss the industry, it’s market leaders and trade information will be very impressive during the interview process
  • Small jobs (related to the film industry), are mainstream. Budgets are low, so they have to do more projects.
  • Video is moving to HD

Skills Sets

  • Film:  Final Cut, Flame (Photoshop for video), Mac  Skills: Photoshop, illustrator, after effects, QuickTime, Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Professional website to showcase your videos and resume

Overall thought:  Every industry requires a different set of skills and personality characteristics and it is important to pay attention to trends in the industry.

Do you have anything to add under Trends, Skill sets or Personality Characteristics?  If so, please feel free to comment.