International Networking: Virtual and Personal

Are you abroad? Is the person you’re anxious to informationally interview overseas? Are you just wishing you knew more people who have been in your shoes? Are you an introvert who would rather hide under the table than actually have to walk up to someone and introduce yourself at a reception? Don’t miss your three big opportunities TODAY to hone those networking skills.

There are over 500 members of the American University Alumni groupon LinkedIn. There are almost 1300 members in the American University School of International Service Global Alumni group. Don’t be shy! Make the most of these potential connections Leveraging your LinkedIn Network in the Career Center Library at 3:30PM. If you need to be told why this is important, check out the following video.

How do you introduce yourself? How do you balance that glass of punch and plate of pupusas when the person from Protiviti proceeds with purpose in your general direction? Come to the Pre-reception Networking Workshop at 6:00 in the SIS Beacon Conference Room. Then put your skills to work at the SIS Alumni-Student Networking Reception starting at 7:00PM in the SIS Founder’s Room.

Make it your goal to have 10 new contacts by the end of the week, and schedule at least one informational interview for the near future. Need more help? Check out these videos!