Ready to Attend the SOC Networking Reception?

The Career Center hosts several networking receptions – a chance for students to meet with employers and alumni that can provide them with information about their field and future contacts.

Why is networking important? It’s one of many avenues to reach future employers, business partners and customers.  Effective networking allows you to present yourself and your objectives in a much more personal way than just submitting your resume and cover letter through an employer’s website.  You have a great opportunity to network with alumni and employers on Tuesday, March 1st during the SOC reception.

As with past networking receptions, our Career Center has noticed a few “wall flowers” in the room so we recommend “getting out of your comfort zone”.  Unlike a job fair, employers are looking to mingle with multiple students.  Although they appear to be a moving target, take a chance with introducing yourself and asking a few questions. You’ll feel confident by the time you meet the second or third person.  Still unsure of your plan of attack? Then attend our pre-networking session with Professor Chris Palmer.  Submit your RSVP through this link

Looking for a great way to follow-up with an alumni or an employer after the networking reception? Then be sure to pick up our list of registered alumni and employers.  The list is extremely helpful if you find that your ideal employer was unable to attend but providing contact information – feel free to reach out to them with a detailed email.

Attended past receptions but didn’t see employers for your field? While it’s true that a few employers will have hectic schedules that won’t allow them to attend a networking reception, many are very interested in connecting with you through social media.  Take advantage of American University’s InCircle site, LinkedIn, Twitter and company websites to network with employers.

Here a few tips to ponder before the networking reception

  • Create and maintain a list of companies you would like to work for (know that you’ll be editing this as your career goals change in the future)
  • Keep up-to-date with these organizations and contacts – blog posts, Twitter, company Facebook pages or Google
  • Make connections now through networking events, social media sites, faculty, friends and family members
  • Identify key people you want to meet for informational interviews or possible referrals
  • Join a club to learn great advice, interact with industry leaders and stay accountable to others
  • Remember that networking is a two-way street.  Be sure that you are a resource to the contacts you meet and possibly assist them with future needs

So now it’s time to network.  Be sure to join your fellow students, alumni and employers at the SOC networking reception on Tuesday, March 1st from 7pm-8:30 pm (RSVPs should be submitted through AU CareerWeb).