Finding contacts with The Leadership Library

In previous blog posts, AU career advisors have written extensively about LinkedIn as a great source for finding and developing professional connections. Another helpful tool at your disposal is The Leadership Library, a directory of professionals in government (federal, state and local), on the Hill and in nonprofits and corporate organizations. Much like LinkedIn, The Leadership Library offers an easy way to find professionals working in organizations or careers of interest to you.

If you’ve worked on the Hill or in government, you’ve likely seen the book version of The Leadership Library, and perhaps you’ve mistaken it for the Yellow Pages. For your convenience, the AU library offers a web-based version of the directory, allowing you to do a faster, simpler search for professionals to connect with.

One way to start your search for new contacts is by alma mater. A search for American University yields a list of more than 2,300 professionals who attended AU as an undergraduate or graduate student. These individuals work in a wide variety of positions in government, nonprofits, corporations, media and on the Hill. From there, you can either export the full list of results or do additional searching to narrow your list based upon organization or job function.

In most cases, contact information for these individuals is listed in your search results. Much like LinkedIn, you might reach out to particular individuals to learn more about their careers or organizations. If you’re not sure how to initiate contact, review the Career Center’s informational interviewing guide for tips and sample language.

Have you used The Leadership Library to make new professional connections? What information did you gain from speaking with them?