Need computer skills? Use Lynda!

Summer is a great time to learn new skills to add to your resume, including software proficiency desired by employers. Most jobs require experience with the Microsoft Office suite, and some ask for knowledge of other, more specialized applications. But if you don’t use these tools in class and don’t want to buy them on your own, how are you supposed become proficient?

Thanks to the AU library, students, faculty and staff have access to Lynda, a web-based database of software training videos. The site features most software applications, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, WordPress and many, many more. The recorded training sessions are conveniently divided into chapters, so that you can pick and choose your lessons as desired. You can also download files that provide more information and tips about the software you’re learning.

To access Lynda, visit the AU portal or stop by the library. And when you’ve completed a lesson, don’t forget to mention your new skills on your resume!