Feng shui that cubicle!

MainStreet.com recently had an article on how to turn that drab, gray cubicle into what at least comes a little closer to being a little oasis of happiness. Of course, you may need your organization’s permission, but here are seven simple tricks that could not only make your cubicle more pleasant but improve your productivity.

  1. Improve your lighting
  2. Redecorate the walls and floors.
  3. Rethink your furniture and customize your file cabinets
  4. Make it personal with photographs and tchotchkes
  5. De-clutter to make a clean, happy space
  6. Accessorize – have you ever heard of a fish tank/pencil holder?
  7. Bring healthy food – a fruit bowl is attractive and practical (but watch out for critters)

Check out the slideshow for more specifics at MainStreet.com

Photo by Carter Comics