When can Facebook get you fired?

By now everyone really should know to set their Facebook profiles to private and to be prudent with regards to what pictures get up there because they can always come back to bite you when you are applying for a job. But did you know that what you put on Facebook could also get you fired?

Complaints to the National Labor Relations Board have increased this year from employees who have been dismissed or reprimanded because of their Facebook activities. We’re not talking about people commenting on politics, or giving a scathing review of a music video. Were talking about calling the manager a “super mega *%@&” and telling her to kiss his #*%, or about a staff member calling the clients by a particularly unflattering term.

Hopefully you don’t get into that territory when you post on Facebook. Hopefully you know you should not complain about your job or the people you work with or your customers in a public forum, because you can actually get fired for doing that. We have an intern get fired from a major media outlet because she tweeted how miserable she was. For more, read Dave Jameison’s piece, “Facebook Firings: Feds, Managers Navigate ‘New Territory’ In Employment.”

Oh, and by the way, don’t put on your Facebook status that you’ve applied for a job with XYZ Company or that you had a terrific interview with 123 Organization. PLEASE keep that private, too!