Tips from AU alumnus Chris Rubacky

On Wednesday, Chris Rubacky, an AU alumnus and founder & president of CVR Search & Staffing, met with students in Ward Lobby to review resumes and answer career-related questions. Chris has worked in legal recruiting for over a decade and offered some great tips for students entering the workforce. Here are just a few of his bits of wisdom:

  • Craft your resume content around common behavioral interview questions. The bullet points on your resume can highlight skills you’ll be asked about in an interview. For example, if an employer is looking for a candidate with strong organizational skills, you might draft a bullet point on a time when your organizational strengths made a positive impact on your work or a colleague’s. Be sure to include outcomes & accomplishments.
  • In interviews, get to the point quickly and effectively. Don’t unnecessarily lead the interviewer down a long path to an answer that could’ve been given in a mere 60-90 seconds. Use the STAR method to prepare for and answer behavioral interview questions — this will help you organize your thoughts and the way you present information to the employer. If you feel nervous about interviewing, practice! The Career Center offers a virtual tool as well as in-person mock interviews to help you.
  • Display professionalism in all aspects of your life. You may impress an employer with a well-written resume and cover letter but then leave that person with a bad taste in his/her mouth with something as simple as an unprofessional recording on your voicemail. Consider this tip in light of your web presence, too.

Chris has some additional advice on interviewing and professionalism in his blog. And if you’re interested in exploring legal assistant, paralegal or other law-related opportunities, visit Chris’s website for more information.