What Can I Do With a Major in…

What Can I Do With a Major in ____________?

CAS Careers: Psychology and Philosophy edition

by Taylor Roosevelt

For our premiere post on CAS careers, we’ll be focusing on two majors that start with a PPsychology and Philosophy. (It’s a little kitschy, but we couldn’t help ourselves). Every other week, we’ll post a blog with some brief information on what you can do with your major after graduation, along with statistics on salary ranges and links to other helpful resources.

Careers in Psychology

“I am a Psychology major—now what?”—From time to time, we hear this question from students, mostly seniors, who don’t have much interest in pursuing research or clinical careers in psychology. Most of these students would like to find a job upon graduation which will give them income as well as time (and ideas) to figure out what they want to do next in their life. However, these students feel a little bit confused about what they are good at and what jobs they should look for. If you are one of these students, please start thinking about—and creating a list of—skills that you have developed through your Psychology courses. As a psychology major, you have probably acquired an array of very useful skills that can be utilized in a variety of jobs dealing with people, programs, and projects. Some of the important skills that you can offer to your prospective employer include:

  • Using insight into behavior to deal effectively with people
  • Promoting good relationships within a group and in in the community
  • Applying knowledge of human needs and problems to counseling, crisis intervention, or other social services
  • Analyzing statistical data
  • Conducting library research and writing reports
  • Making use of interviewing techniques in investigative, reporting, social service, or marketing research contexts


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