Last minute interview? Get ready with our online interview tool!

It’s 4:00 PM, and an employer just called and asked you to come in for an interview tomorrow!  This can be great news, and nerve-wracking, too.  How can you prepare with so little time?  Your career advisor’s appointments are booked and you’d really like to practice.

This scenario is not uncommon, and the great news is the Career Center offers a fun and easy tool to practice answering real interview questions on your own computer- at any time of day or night.  InterviewStream is available to all AU students and alumni simply by logging in to your AU CareerWeb account and creating an InterviewStream account.    All you need is internet access and a webcam. 

Before you get started with the mock interview, do basic interview prep. Research the organization.  Consider why  you want the job.  Why this organization?  What specific accomplishments will you want to share with your interviewer?  Check out our webpage on interviewing for more tips. When you’ve done your research, and reviewed your resume and cover letter, login to InterviewStream and have fun.

When you first login, you’ll find it easy to follow the instructions and select an interview.  Select  “Conduct Interview” from your dashboard.

Then, you will have the choice to select from pre-selected question sets or to create your own interview

You will then be prompted to check your webcam and microphone settings, and your interview will begin:

When you have finished recording, you’ll have the opportunity to review and re-record each question.  You can also email your recorded interview to your career advisor to obtain feedback- schedule a follow-up meeting to have a complete discussion on interview techniques.

If you don’t have a webcam, we have interview rooms available.  You may call 202-885-1804 to schedule a time to conduct your virtual mock interview.  You  may also schedule online using our online advising scheduling system. Select “Virtual Mock Interview” for the advisor.