Job Searching During Sequestration

The Career Center understands that the uncertainty caused by sequestration will have an effect on our students and alumni who are currently searching for jobs and internships. We are planning a series of workshops to discuss the possible impact of sequestration on the job and internship search and offer ideas to address this challenge. In the meantime, here are some resources to find jobs and internships outside of the federal government:

  • AU’s Spring 2013 Job and Internship Fair will feature more than 100 employers across all sectors that are hiring for temporary and permanent positions. AU students and alumni can register and see the list of attending employers on AU CareerWeb.
  • Despite sequestration, many federal contractors are still hiring to fulfill existing contracts. Indeed and LinkUp are good sites to search for positions in these organizations, and setting up job alerts will allow you to view new openings without much effort. If you’re interested in researching contractors by agency to broaden your job search, visit USASpending and create a search by cabinet departments and smaller agencies. From there, visit the websites of these contractors to see if there are additional job and internship openings.
  • NGOs are still hiring, too. Set up job search alerts on Idealist to ensure that you’re immediately receiving any new openings in these organizations. Conduct an organization search to research new employers in the NGO sector.
  • Networking is still a key part of your job search, particularly during this period of uncertainty. Use LinkedIn to locate AU alumni and other contacts for informational interviews. Sign up to receive weekly DC Linktank emails for informational and networking events in the local area. If you’re outside of DC, check out the AU Alumni Association’s list of regional (and international) alumni chapters and reach out to the leaders of these groups to develop a relationship.
  • Keep in mind that regardless of the state of the economy, acquiring new skills is critical to your career development. AU students can take advantage of trainings offered by the library and Lynda, an online technical training site accessible via the AU Portal. Local alumni might consider auditing a course at AU to develop a new skill sought by employers.