Career Center Resources for Different Learning Styles

Are you a hands-on learner? Do you prefer lecture-style classes? Or perhaps group work is more your style. Regardless of the way you prefer to access and process information, the Career Center has a variety of resources to suit your preferences. Keep reading for more information on our resources for verbal, visual, interpersonal (social), and intrapersonal (solitary) learners.

Verbal Learning

If you enjoy grappling with concepts in conversation, consider setting up an appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss your job search strategies. We recommend that you come to your appointment having considered several key questions that will get the conversation rolling.

Attend one of our information sessions if you learn more from an instructor-led, lecture-style format.

Visual Learning    

Do you like information to be short, sweet, and to the point? Visit our Pinterest page for inspiration about job search attire, online branding, and school-specific career resources.

Or, check out our CareerSpots videos. You can watch brief videos covering a variety of subjects, including job searching, interviewing, salary negotiation, networking, and more. Each video is less than 4 minutes, and includes insights from students, employers, and career advisors.

Interpersonal Learning

Workshops are a great opportunity not only to get expert insight about job search-related topics, but to engage with your peers in the learning and brainstorming process. Check out our events calendar for upcoming Career Center workshops.

Intrapersonal (Solitary) Learning

If you prefer having time to yourself to process through concepts and ideas, come check out a circulating book from our Career Resource Library, and browse the School-Specific Resources on our website.