Do you want to intern during spring 2014?

Think about your class schedule in the spring. Will you have blocks of time when you will not be in class and can intern? Can you spare one-two days a week to gain experience outside the classroom? If yes, here are some tips:

  • Start early. Make an appointment to meet with your career advisor now and bring a copy of your resume to your appointment. If you have not created a college resume, go to the Career Center website for helpful tools and sample resumes to offer you guidance.
  • Think about what skills you want to use: do you enjoy writing, doing research, interviewing people….
  • What organizations are you eager to work with?
  • Create a profile in AU CareerWeb (AUCW), the Career Center database of jobs and internships.
  • Then, do an advanced search in AUCW of all job listings, internships, with Metro access, in DC, MD and VA and enter a keyword that you hope appears in the job description or the job title. Click Submit and see how many positions you find.