Uncovering new employers with Idealist

It is widely known that Idealist is far and away the best site for jobseekers interested in career opportunities in nonprofits. But did you know that Idealist also has one of the most comprehensive directories of nonprofits and social enterprise organizations on the web? This is a great resource to help you identify additional employers in your job search. Here’s how it works:

For our sample search, let’s focus on finding political organizations in the DC area. To begin, visit the Idealist advanced search page, add “Washington, DC Metro Area” and click on “Organizations.”

Idealist advanced search

With this basic search, you’ll get a list of more than 7800 nonprofits in the DC area. Of course, no one has time to read through 7800 organization profiles, so you’ll want to do some additional filtering. For our search, let’s select “Politics” as an area of focus and display our results by relevance. With that, our list of results is now a more manageable 500 organizations, which can be narrowed even further by filtering organizations by type (nonprofits, government agencies, etc.).

Idealist results

After finding a new organization of interest to you, visit its website to learn more about mission, programs, staff, and career opportunities. You might also do an alumni search on LinkedIn to see if any members of the AU community are on staff, and if you feel comfortable, you can request an informational interview to learn more.