Looking for part-time employment?

Whether you are looking for a job on or off campus, it can be challenging to find part-time work. Here are some tips:

  • Take the time to Prepare your application materials
  • Apply by submitting your resume and a cover letter targeted to each specific employer and
  • Follow Up by emailing or calling the person who is reviewing the application materials.

Make an appointment to meet with your Career Advisor who can help you to develop, or fine-tune, your resume and cover letter. You can also drop by the Career Center and meet with a Peer Advisor in the Career Center Library.

In creating your resume, check out the resume templates on the Career Center website. You will find templates for freshmen/sophomores (underclassmen) and one for juniors/seniors (upperclassmen) as well as one for graduate students.

If you hope to work on campus, click on Student Jobs on the Career Center website. You will find Part-time Student Jobs (jobs On Campus), Neighborhood Jobs (jobs posted by people who live in the AU neighborhood) and Professional Internships and Jobs (the database managed by the Career Center called AU CareerWeb; at any given time, there are 1,200-1,500 positions listed!).

Once you apply, follow up on your materials. Try to find out who will review the applications. Email, or possibly call, that person within a week to make sure he/she got your materials, and to offer to send other documents if needed and ask if he/she wants to arrange a time for an interview.

Use our Online Resources. For example, when an employer invites you for an interview, log into Interview Stream to practice answering interview questions. Your web camera will capture your answers so that you can watch yourself to see how you look and listen to what you say. You do not have to share this with anyone, and you will learn more about your oral presentation skills.

Keep applying. Do not get discouraged. If you do not get calls for interviews, talk with your Career Advisor to discuss whether you may need to revise your application materials. The Career Center is here to help you succeed!