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    “Think Critically” by guest blogger, Robert Mack, SIS ’12 of PublicRelay 

    This post is the second in a series on critical thinking and analysis, one of the top skills employers want you to have.   Here, SIS alum Robert Mack tells  how the critical thinking skills he learned here at AU  have been important to his career at PublicRelay.  Robert is currently a Media Analyst and Recruitment Specialist. 

    Think Critically, by Robert Mack

    Analyze; problem solve; synthesize; think critically. To anyone perusing CareerWeb’s listings, these terms quickly become a dime a dozen. Yet these words appear often for good reason – employers need individuals who can come up with simple solutions to massively complicated problems. As evidenced by a recent survey, 93% of employers highly value critical thinking skills – so highly, in fact, that they value critical thinking skills more than an applicant’s undergraduate major.[i] Writing as an AU alum who now works in a recruiting role, I can attest to the fact that critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills are in demand more than ever and that AU is a great place to perfect them.       (More …)

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    The #1 Skill Employers want YOU to have… Oral Communication 

    This is the first in a series of blogs that will highlight the key skills that employers seek. Each month, an AU Career Advisor will share insights into each skill– how do you develop the skill while at AU, how do you demonstrate, and why is it important?  First up: Oral Communication.

    skills wordleMust have strong oral and written communication skills.”

    If you’ve searched for a job or internship, you’ve seen this requirement in one form or another. According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), the ability to communicate orally is the number one competency sought by employers. So, what does it mean to have strong oral communication skills, and how does your degree prepare you to use oral communication skills in the workplace?  The good news is that your American University degree and campus experiences do develop this skill- whether you’ve majored in the liberal arts and sciences or business. (More …)

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    Avoid being scammed! 


    Learn how to tell if a job offer is legitimate

    The Career Center is committed to helping AU students and alumni understand all facets of the job search process. In light of some recent job scams that have come to our attention, we’ve prepared this information to help you identify fraudulent job offers.

    Red flags:

    • Sender’s email address is @gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, rocketmail.com, etc.
      • Legitimate employer messages will usually come from a .com, .gov, or .org email address rather than a personal email address as listed above
    • Non-specific job opportunity
      • Legitimate employer messages will usually reference a specific job title or description
    • Money transfers not tied to any goods or services
      • Legitimate employers, for the most part, won’t send you a check or money order and ask you to deposit the check and send money back to them.

    (More …)

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    It’s OK to Explore Majors! 

    confused person“I was certain I wanted to study International Relations, but now I realize that it’s just not for me. The problem is, now I don’t know what I want to do.” As the semester progresses, many students are looking up from their texts and realizing they do not want to pursue the path they had chosen.  Other students entered college with an eye to exploring majors. In either situation, it is critical for the student to know that being curious and open about their major is totally OK; after all, more than 60% of college students nationwide change their major at least once!   At AU, we are committed to help our students to find a major that is fulfilling and will lead to a great career. (More …)

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    Skype Interview? Clean your room, and other tips to succeed 

    messy roomNormally, you don’t need to think about cleaning your room before a job interview.   But with the increase of online live and recorded interviews, you just may want to tidy up a bit

    If you are seeking a job or internship in 2014 and beyond, then it’s likely that at some point you will be asked to conduct an interview via Skype or another online tool.  Online interviews are growing at a rapid pace.   A story in the Wall Street Journal  reported that in 2011, companies increased usage of online videos by as much as 42%.  There are two types of online videos- those that are recorded, a one-way approach in which the interviewee records answers to taped questions, and sends the completed interview to the employer.  Also common are two-way interviews that are live, and are largely used in lieu of phone interviews. Skype interviews also offer a great alternative to in-person interviews when a candidate is geographically far from a perspective job. (More …)

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    Last minute interview? Get ready with our online interview tool! 

    It’s 4:00 PM, and an employer just called and asked you to come in for an interview tomorrow!  This can be great news, and nerve-wracking, too.  How can you prepare with so little time?  Your career advisor’s appointments are booked and you’d really like to practice.

    This scenario is not uncommon, and the great news is the Career Center offers a fun and easy tool to practice answering real interview questions on your own computer- at any time of day or night.  InterviewStream is available to all AU students and alumni simply by logging in to your AU CareerWeb account and creating an InterviewStream account.    All you need is internet access and a webcam.  (More …)

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    Skype interview coming up? Prepare with these great tips! 

    We just love these 5 tips from Simply Hired’s blogger Laura Backes--if you are applying for jobs now, you could be asked to interview by Skype. It’s increasingly common to conduct initial interviews using online video chatting.  This is  especially true if you are engaged in a long-distance job search, but some local employers are opting for Skype rather than a phone interview, as well.     

    Be prepared by reading these tips NOW, because you certainly will want to test it out before the big day

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    What Can I Do With a Major in… 

    What Can I Do With a Major in ____________?

    CAS Careers: Psychology and Philosophy edition

    by Taylor Roosevelt

    For our premiere post on CAS careers, we’ll be focusing on two majors that start with a PPsychology and Philosophy. (It’s a little kitschy, but we couldn’t help ourselves). Every other week, we’ll post a blog with some brief information on what you can do with your major after graduation, along with statistics on salary ranges and links to other helpful resources. (More …)

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    How do you use LinkedIn, anyway? 

    Have you heard that if you are looking for a job, you really need a LinkedIn profile? If not, well, now you have. And if you don’t know what that means, I encourage you to come to the AU Career Center Library at 3:30 on Thursday, Feb.3 to learn why and how to use Linkedin.com.

    Come if…

    You wonder what a great Linkedin profile looks like
    You don’t get how to use it in your job search
    You want to create a professional online presence
    You wonder how to use LinkedIn to build a network

    This will be a live demonstration of some of the cool features of LinkedIn.com — please join us! AU Career Center Library, 5th Floor Butler Pavilion. To RSVP. please go to http://eagleeye.american.edu/careercenter/details.cfm?event_ID=5662

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    Time to think before you jump into law school 

    As their final semester of college arrives, many seniors are pondering thoughts of law school.   For some, this is more than a “ponder”, it’s a set goal that they have had for many years.  For others, it’s a way to delay jumping into a down economy or simply to avoid facing the “real world”.    Whatever  a student’s motivation, this is the year to stop and think before enrolling in law school.    According to the New York Times article “Is Law School a Losing Game?” , recent law school grads are facing unanticipated rates of un-and-under employment, and are left shouldering tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

    So, does this mean don’t go to law school at all?  No, but do know why you are going, what you can reasonably expect upon graduation, and how you will fund it– now and when the loans are due.    Carefully consider where to enroll– this article had a focus on a struggling graduate from a “fourth tier” institution.    If in doubt,  wait it out.   Work a year, or two, then reassess if law school is for you.

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