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    Evaluating Your Job Search

    You’ve basked in the glow of your graduation with family and friends. Had a two week vacation with your nine of your closest college buddies. Next, you spent part of the summer working in retail or for a local restaurant. Now, you’re faced with the reality of finding a full-time job within an industry or with an employer where you feel you can make a difference.

    Regardless of the status of the economy, many job seekers will proclaim that finding full-time employment requires a huge investment of their time. Whether you started your search weeks ago or it’s written on your calendar as a “to do” item, be sure to evaluate if you’re spending your time wisely. LinkedIn is a great way to begin networking, online, before you request a face-to-face meeting with a cup of coffee and your business card.

    As always, the advisors within the Career Center are more than happy to assist you with job search techniques, mock interviews, salary negotiations and of course, networking. Learn more through the various resources on our website http://www.american.edu/careercenter or by scheduling an appointment with your advisor.

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    Interviewing with Employer By Phone? Here’s 9 Tips 

    Phone interview_studentAs the semester winds down, many students are anxiously awaiting a phone interview with an employer. Whether for an internship, part-time or full-time job, many are concerned that the phone eliminates their opportunity to be charismatic and impress the employer with their interpersonal skills. Since recruiters often use phone interviews as the first step to clarify the background of several candidates, those offered a particular day and time to chat should see it as a positive opportunity. While your Career Center Advisors are more than happy to help you prepare, there are several steps to ensure a successful phone interview. A quick summary of Laura DeCarlo’s “9 Keys to Telephone Job Interview Success”  are listed below, however, you can read the full article on Job-Hunt-org.

    1. Know whether you can take the call when it comes, i.e. schedule when you won’t be interrupted or lose service on your cell phone.
    2. Have the documentation you need at your fingertips – this includes the job description, your resume and the application you submitted to the employer
    3. Know answers to the common interview questions. Be sure to tell a complete story and refrain from brief responses
    4. Smile while on the phone! Placing a mirror in front of you is a big help.
    5. If you have a web portfolio or a complete LinkedIn profile, then be sure to direct the interview to it.
    6. Focus on your language and voice – which includes voice intonation and speaking positively
    7. Avoid selfish questions during the interview. Asking about salary is too early at this point
    8. Don’t hang up without asking for the next step plus contact information.  This will reduce anxiety about the next call or email you should receive.
    9. Say thank you, but write a thank you note and either email it or send it through the mail

    American University students and alumni can schedule a mock interview with their Career Advisor through the AppointmentPlus website.  Also consider practicing from the comfort of your room with InterviewStream.

    Congratulations and best of luck!

    Phone interview_employer

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    Debunking the Myth – Employers Actually Hire During the Holidays 

    You’ve taken your last exam, put the finishing touches on your group project and you’re finally leaving campus for the holidays. But have you applied for a spring 2015 internship or post graduate job?  While many have heard [or were constantly told] that no one reviews your resume, calls you for an interview or offers a job during the holidays – this simply isn’t true for lots of organizations.

    Here are 4 true statements about recruiting during the slower time period of the year 

    1. Not every recruiter is on vacation.  A new year can also equal a new job for candidates that are flexible to interview during the holidays.  While an offer to meet with the employer could interrupt a day or two of your vacation, the December graduate could experience less competition for full-time positions that start at the beginning of the year. Since new clients, projects and business happen throughout the year, employers continuously post in AU CareerWeb, as well as contact the Career Center, about positions they urgently need to fill before the beginning of the new year.
    2. Holidays are for networking.Whether you attend a social gathering with your student organization, are invited to the company party for your seasonal job or feeling like a third wheel at your parent’s corporate celebration, these are great opportunities to network with new individuals as well as update current contacts in a casual and fun environment.  As you connect with people throughout the event, be sure to remember “active listening is key” and grilling any individual with tons of questions may appear desperate.  So bring your business cards, your enthusiasm and possibly add the notepad app to your cell phone so that you can capture individual names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers to follow-up.
    3. An email or postage stamp could lead to a job.  Whether it’s a holiday card, family blog or video that details your year in review, the design could impress the receiver with your skills and lead to a referral for a full-time opportunity.  After you finish designing your holiday greeting, be sure to polish your elevator speech, order your business cards and schedule a few informational interviews.
    4. Remain positive throughout your job search.  While this blogs offers several tips on applying for jobs during the holidays, it can feel overwhelming when family and friends continuously ask about your job search and potential offers. So keep your head up and your nose to the grind stone.

    We hope these tips have been helpful. Happy holidays from your Career Center advising team!

    AU Career Center_2014 Holiday Party

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    Value of Networking & Using LinkedIn 

    Mention the word “networking” and it will send most people running in the other direction. The fear of networking stems from “not knowing how to approach a room full of strangers during an event” or “believing that the recipient of an email request for an informational interview will dub the individual as needy.” Whether in person or through social media sites, networking is the key ingredient to more than 80% of the hires made in the United States.  According to Bob McIntosh on the Recruiting Blog “smart jobseekers attend networking events because they understand that personal networking coupled with online networking will yield better results than spending the majority of their time” on various job boards.

    What is Networking & How Do I Use it Effectively?

    I work with a team of professional career advisors that teach American University students the value of networking – “making connections and maintaining relationships with people who support you throughout each phase of your career (source:  http://www.american.edu/careercenter).  Our very own School of Communication Professor Chris Palmer and Career Center advisors share the 7 secrets of effective networking* –

    1. Prepare an “elevator speech”
    2. Act with confidence even if you feel shy or intimidated (More …)
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    Ready to Attend the SOC Networking Reception? 

    The Career Center hosts several networking receptions – a chance for students to meet with employers and alumni that can provide them with information about their field and future contacts.

    Why is networking important? It’s one of many avenues to reach future employers, business partners and customers.  Effective networking allows you to present yourself and your objectives in a much more personal way than just submitting your resume and cover letter through an employer’s website.  You have a great opportunity to network with alumni and employers on Tuesday, March 1st during the SOC reception.
    (More …)

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    Win a Photojournalism Scholarship to London 

    According to their website, the Alexia Foundation photojournalism scholarship in London, will provide the financial ability for students to improve their knowledge and skills of photojournalism and to increase their own knowledge and understanding of other cultures by providing scholarships to study photojournalism at Syracuse University in London, England.

    The Foundation also provides cash grants to enable student photographers to have the financial ability to produce a picture story that furthers the Foundation’s goals of promoting world peace and cultural understanding.

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    5 Important Tips for Aspiring Film & Video Editors 

    Interested in being the next successful film or video editor?  Many have taken that path before you, including classmates, alumnae and professors, so be sure to learn what tools of the trade were important for their job search.  In the meantime, here’s a quick list of tips that Jordan Maison, a film/video editor with Solid Studios offered for recent graduates sprinkled with a few resources throughout American University.

    1) Education your college courses at American University will teach you the fundamentals and offer techniques to edit efficiently.

    2) Pick Your Platform – this is basically deciding on the type of program you will try to master, i.e. Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premier to be successful in editing.  This could be accomplished through internships or training.  Be sure to check out AU’s Office of Information Technology and the online learning library – Lynda.com. Schedules and links accessible through the AU portal.

    (More …)

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    Network with Professionals in Radio 

    The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation is hosting a networking event during the Radio Show at the Washington, DC Convention Center from 2:00 pm until 4:30pm on Friday, October 1, 2010.

    This event is free to all and an exclusive opportunity to meet and chat with recruiters and professionals in the radio industry on an intimate level. Find out what these recruiters look for when searching for potential candidates and get crucial advice for your future job or career advancement in the industry.

    Attendees are welcome to pass along business cards and resumes to recruiters. A presentation on networking techniques and etiquette will be held at the beginning of the event. Space is limited so be sure to RSVP early! Again, this is a free event open to all!

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    Evaluating Your Job Search 

    You’ve basked in the glow of your graduation with family and friends.  Had a two week vacation with your nine of your closest college buddies. Next, you spent part of the summer working in retail or for a local restaurant.  Now, you’re faced with the reality of finding a full-time job within an industry or with an employer where you feel you can make a difference.

    Regardless of the status of the economy, many job seekers will proclaim that finding full-time employment requires a huge investment of their time.  (More …)

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    Negotiating Salary During Tough Economy 

    Salary.com’s contributing writer, Dawn Dugan, provides a dozen of “do’s and don’ts” for negotiating salary during a tough economy.  Here’s a summary of a few do’s and don’ts for the recent graduate:

    Do research salaries for positions comparable to yours before your interview. Know the salary ranges for someone with your skills, experience, and education.

    Don’t assume that salary and/or benefits aren’t negotiable in this type of economy.

    (More …)

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