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  • Jennifer Carignan 1:57 pm on April 11, 2011 Permalink
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    Career wisdom from AU alums 

    Students who attended the “Exploring Law-Related Careers” panel on April 6 were treated to great conversation and career advice from four AU alums. I’ve summarized some of their bits of wisdom below. As you’ll notice, these tips apply to a wide range of careers.

    • Try new things. Whether it’s pursuing an internship, volunteering with an organization or meeting new people in the community, find ways to get outside your comfort zone. You might find that trying new things will lead you down a career path that you never considered.
    • Network, network, network. A common theme on this blog, networking is absolutely critical to finding career opportunities in DC and beyond. Faculty, staff, alumni and even your peers can be great sources of information. Start networking today by striking up a conversation with a classmate or joining LinkedIn.
    • Use DC as your classroom. AU offers a great number of events for students, but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing other opportunities in the city. Attend professional events, lectures and social gatherings to meet new people outside of the AU community. Sign up for the DC LinkTank listserv for a comprehensive list of events each week.
    • Develop professional skills while you’re still in school. The panel identified three skills that are critical to a successful career and yet are lacking in many candidates: writing, research and relationship building. Each of these skills can be developed while you’re here at AU, through researching and writing papers, leading organizations, holding an internship or job, or through a myriad of other ways.
    • Stay positive! It may take many applications and interviews before you find the right job for you. You are not alone. What will separate you from other candidates is keeping a positive attitude throughout the job search process. How might you find ways to stay positive while searching for work?
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    What can you expect and what should you … 

    What can you expect and what should you do on your first day of an internship? Our blogger, Ashley, suggested setting goals. Trace helped you deal with butterflies. Here’s what other AU students have to tell you.

    • Go into your internship with a completely open mind. Throw aside all preconceptions and expectations. Legal Rights Institute
    • Be professional and friendly. National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
    • Set goals for what you want to learn, and tell your supervisor about them…they are much more likely to happen that way. The Impact Center
    • First tell the supervisor what you want substantively out of an internship and then target projects that highlight what you want to learn. National Foundation for Women Legislators
    • Make sure to establish good communication with your supervisor from the beginning. This helped me out a lot. Amnesty International
    • They don’t expect you to know everything. Spanish Language Adventures
    • Go in expecting little, but wanting a lot because the opportunities always come after the basics. NAHB Production Group
    • . . . ask as many questions as possible and to be clear about both the objectives of the internship and the expectations of the people you support. American University
    • Make sure you know exactly what tasks you are responsible for. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
    • Be flexible. Dress professionally even if other interns lean towards being more casually dressed. Save the Children

    Read more about what other AU Interns experienced on their first days!

    Check our Intern blog as a new crop of interns share their stories and insights!

    Photo by orphanjones

  • John Charles 12:40 pm on November 8, 2010 Permalink
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    Intelligence and Law Enforcement Careers Panel Highlights 

    The opening event of the Career Center’s Federal Careers included a panel of speakers from ATF, FBI, CIA and ClearedCommunity.com, who shared tips about success in the law enforcement and intelligence fields.

    Here is some of the advice:

    “Get experience doing interviews. I am shocked at how many candidates are unable to explain why they want to work for my agency.”

    “Show your relevant academic work–thesis, research papers–to potential employers. It will demonstrate your writing ability and intellectual strength.”

    “When you change jobs, don’t just go for a higher salary…look at the whole picture. Getting paid more money is not worth it if the work is not interesting.”

  • Anna Litman 9:08 pm on September 21, 2010 Permalink
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    New on the Market: Career Focus GPS 

    If you would like to continue your education beyond your undergraduate degree but unsure which graduate program to select, start by asking yourself “Do I know my career focus?” If your answer is “no,” read your friendly advisor’s tips on how to establish a career goal for yourself.  And remember that a goal is a dream with a deadline and a roadmap, or GPS 🙂 (More …)

  • Francine Blume 6:10 pm on September 21, 2010 Permalink
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    Follow Up but Don't Stalk! 

    After hours of cover letter writing and making that resume is pristine, you finally submit your information and begin the waiting game. All of a sudden everything that could possibly go wrong starts to run through your head. What if you’re the ideal candidate, but your information got lost in cyber space or wound up in the garbage at the Post Office? The way most students relieve this stress on themselves is to call or email the employer and confirm that they’ve gotten the information. So you call at 11 PM and leave a message. Then you call the next morning at 9 AM because you haven’t heard back yet. Then you post on your Facebook status that this company is awful and as soon as you hit “submit,” you get the email confirming receipt of your application. Oops.
    While this seems like a good idea, Eric Weiner, TV Producer, cautions against being overly aggressive in following up on resume submissions. Large companies get tons of emails and don’t have the time to handle applicants who constantly call or email about resume confirmation. As Mr. Weiner says, “Be careful not to be overly aggressive in following up on a resume submission because it can be counterproductive and is generally not acceptable when applying for a paid position.”
    As Mr. Weiner cautions against being over aggressive, we at the Career Center advise that you follow-up, but do so strategically. There’s nothing wrong with one phone call or email confirming that your information was received. After an interview (where one of your questions was about the hiring timeline) and immediately sent thank you note, one could call at the end of that timeline to ask where the employer is in the hiring process. However, it’s the pestering and multiple attempts at contacting an internship or employer that can really work against you. Do as the Career Center advises and follow-up, but do so appropriately.
    So take a lesson from the professional. Be patient during the waiting game, because if you jump the gun to try to put yourself at ease you might only be kissing your job goodbye instead.
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    The preceding blog entry was crafted by Anthony Miller, SPA junior and Internship Programs Assistant.
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    Seniors, NOW is the time: Can’t miss events just for you 

    Seniors, NOW is time to prepare for your post-graduation plans! Whether you are thinking of graduate school or working after graduation, the Career Center is hosting an event that is just for you.

    Thinking of Law School? On Thursday, Sept 16 at 4:00 pm come hear representatives from WCL share insights into legal careers and law school admissions.  Learn more and RSVP at http://www.american.edu/careercenter/calendar/?id=2619665

    Wondering when to start your job search? On Tuesday, Sept 21 the AU Career Center is hosting Now and Later: Career Spree for Seniors, a full day dedicated just to Seniors. We’ll have drop-in advising throughout the day.   In the afternoon, we’ll host programs that will inform you on why it is important to begin your job search NOW;  what not to do  in an interview– you’ll see mistakes to avoid;  and you’ll learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media for your job search.  We’ll end the day with an informative Employer Round Table Discussion in the evening—hiring managers will tell you what they expect in resumes, interviews, and more!  For details on time and place, visit the Career Center events calendar at http://www.american.edu/careercenter/calendar/?id=2606982

    Want to find a job or internship? Don’t miss our Fall Job and Internship Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 29 in Bender Arena

    Interested in applying to grad school? On Thursday, October 7 American University faculty will share their thoughts on what makes a great applicant and application.   RSVP at http://www.american.edu/careercenter/calendar/?id=2618612

    Remember, through  your senior year and beyond, AU Career Advisors are ready to help you plan for your next steps.

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    J.I.T. Hiring for Internships! 

    Some companies have large, structured internship programs, and strict application deadlines a full semester or more in advance (which should serve as a reminder to all to plan ahead!). On the other hand, many companies are looking for fall interns RIGHT NOW, and engaging in J.I.T (Just in Time) hiring. They know you’re coming back to campus, and they’ve posted their openings on AU Career Web, and are waiting to hear from you! Time is short to expect that any of these will be for credit (since the deadline for registering for credit is September 13th), but anything is possible, including getting great experience (and, in some cases, pay!) without logging it for credit.  Either way, if you’re still looking, carpe diem!

    (Opening photo by TheTruthAbout…)

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    Creepy web searches? How employers find the real scoop on you… 

    Did you know that employers can go beyond Google to check you out?   Do you think your online rep is squeaky clean?   You might be  surprised by what deep sleuthing can find!  Whether you’ve left a scathing comment on a blog post or have interesting taste in fiction, employers  can find out more about you than you think!  Learn more from CNNMoney’s Ask Annie: Employers may do creepy web searches about you.

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    Lazy Days of Summer & Ways to Job Hunt 

    Can you imagine the tedium of circling adverts in a print newspaper every day? Well, whatever its limitations, this process took less time than the hours job-and-internship seekers spend online scouring countless sites to find often-redundant openings. And time is precious…especially during the lazy days of summer, and definitely during a job search. We’re not suggesting that you refrain from searching for a job, or a great fall (or not-for-credit-last-minute-summer) internship. We’re just saying: There’s a better way. (More …)

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    Literature Career Night ‘Word Cloud’ 

    Take a look at key ideas from the “one thing students learned” at the Spring 2010 Literature Career Night.

    View original wordle

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