Are you wondering what it takes to land… 

Are you wondering what it takes to land a job and start a career with an international organization? Recently Hazel Douglas of Oxford HR presented on this topic in a webinar for the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA).

While most of her comments were directed toward candidates who have several years of experience, she did have advice for people who are starting off their careers in international development.

Entry-level position ideas:
–Peace Corps is most obvious
–Do travel/volunteer work
–Pursue desk officer/administrator or fundraising/finance positions first, then pursue overseas positions within the company.

What Ms. Douglas looks for in a candidate:
–skills/experience set out in the job description, or a near match
–concise, grammatical, properly spelled applicatoin.

  • Don’t apply on the closing date–sometimes 80-90 apps come in then. Apply as early as you can.

Q: Should I move to Africa to improve my chances of landing a job?
A: No, though you should have experience there if applying to organizations doing work there.

Steep increase in number of jobs that are trade-based supporting the economic structure. Experience in the commercial sector and entrepreneurial skills are important.


websites: Charity Village, Devex, ReliefWeb, OpportunityNOCS
indevjobs, Yellow Monday (Sussex U Institute of Development Studies)

BOND (British Org of NGOS in Development)