Atlantic Magazine: Media Talk (and Opportunity) 

Having left the magazine world, I still got a vicarious thrill a few years ago when The Atlantic magazine moved its base to DC  from Boston. From my current perch as a Career Advisor on campus, it would be grand to see someone from AU (and particularly SOC) land there. For more info on how to make that dream come true, see below**–but also check out the current issue’s two media-related features. One on why the dismal performance of traditional media can’t be blamed on the Internet alone (The Moguls’ New Clothes) and one on the damage done when journalism fails and public communication, at least in the form of ideology-laden “news,” wins  (The Story Behind The Story).

**Atlantic Media (the magazine’s parent organization) has a fabulous six-month internship in which 25 new interns (juniors, seniors, or recent grads) will focus on either the editorial or business side of media between January and June 2010, and also get a 360-degree perspective and training on modern media in the making. Deadline is 5 p.m. OCTOBER 9th. Sign on to AUCareerWeb, and use the position’s i.d. number (38398) as a keyword to lead you directly to the post.