Excellent Writing Skills, Microsoft Office, SPSS, and a Global Mindset 

What are employers looking for? Well, besides experience, initiative, teamwork, and technical skills, more and more employers are lamenting the fact that the American workforce lacks a global mindset. Janice Mulholland argues in her piece, “Is Having a Global Mindset As Important As Technical Skills in Today’s Economy?” that the type of education needed to promote a healthier economy includes “greater access to an education that specifically nurtures critical global skills such as facility in a foreign language, an understanding of other countries and cultures, and the ability to function effectively in differing cultural contexts.”

You have that chance here at American University. Take advantage of classes, opportunities, and both domestic and international internships which would promote your own global understanding. And make sure you highlight those in your resumes, cover letters, and interviews. That could be what gives you the edge in a very competitive job market.

Photo by alles-schlumpf