In an emergency, we want to know that you're safe. 

Yesterday was a terrible day for our friends and colleagues at Discovery Communications in Silver Spring. We are thankful that the hostages were physically unharmed, and sorrowed that an obviously extremely disturbed person did not survive.

We were especially concerned with our own AU students who may have been interning there. Both the AU Career Center and the Kogod Center for Career Development immediately started to track down students who were registering for credit for fall internships at Discovery, as well as a student interning a few blocks away. All were safe and we were extremely relieved.

But if you didn’t register, we don’t know you’re there.

Kogod requires students report all internships. In SOC there are continuing efforts to collect information on not-for-credit internships. But whether or not you are with those two schools, there’s still a way to let us know where you’re interning.

• If you register for credit, make sure all the contact information and your schedule are accurate.
• If your internship is on your own, if it isn’t for credit, please, please, log into AU Career Web. Click on your profile and make sure it’s current (especially your cell number), then click the Employment tab,  Add New, complete the information about your internship, and click Submit.

So, in the rare case of an emergency, we want to reach you. But we need your help. We don’t have crystal balls, so keep in touch.

Crystal Ball
Photo by jaqian