The Resource You'll be Glad You Found 

While advising students, I have noticed that many students have misconceptions or little information about careers they would like to pursue.  No surprise here.  Many people have found themselves in an occupation/career by  chance or  chain of events,  lucky or unlucky as the case may be. However, wouldn’t  it be helpful to know more about specific job responsibilities, working environment, average salary levels and benefits, education requirements and etc.  associated with various occupations?

You can find this information easily by exploring  the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) published annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor.  When on the OOH homepage,  just type in the name of the occupation in the search box located in the left side of the page, and click “go”. If you cannot find any information, click on the A-Z index and search for the occupation alphabetically.

I’ve received positive feedback from the students who have used the OOH as the starting point for their career research. The emphasis  is on “positive” and ” starting point.”  I recommend that you also employ other  career research strategies to build upon the information you’ve obtained through the OOH.  Read books on specific careers/fields – check our career library.  Do  informational interviews — stay tuned to our blog where we will tackle the subject in more detail. Plan to have internships –meet with your respective career advisor.  And happy career exploration to you!