What can you expect and what should you … 

What can you expect and what should you do on your first day of an internship? Our blogger, Ashley, suggested setting goals. Trace helped you deal with butterflies. Here’s what other AU students have to tell you.

  • Go into your internship with a completely open mind. Throw aside all preconceptions and expectations. Legal Rights Institute
  • Be professional and friendly. National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
  • Set goals for what you want to learn, and tell your supervisor about them…they are much more likely to happen that way. The Impact Center
  • First tell the supervisor what you want substantively out of an internship and then target projects that highlight what you want to learn. National Foundation for Women Legislators
  • Make sure to establish good communication with your supervisor from the beginning. This helped me out a lot. Amnesty International
  • They don’t expect you to know everything. Spanish Language Adventures
  • Go in expecting little, but wanting a lot because the opportunities always come after the basics. NAHB Production Group
  • . . . ask as many questions as possible and to be clear about both the objectives of the internship and the expectations of the people you support. American University
  • Make sure you know exactly what tasks you are responsible for. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  • Be flexible. Dress professionally even if other interns lean towards being more casually dressed. Save the Children

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